Positive Impacts of COVID-19

As been observed globally, the pandemic of COVID-19 has devastated the global economy and social interactions among the people. But, this is just one side of the coin, the dark one. However, the other side seems to be more bright than it’s darkness. It is agreeable that the current epidemic has taken thousands of precious lives, while millions of people are infected and still counting.

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Despite all these grieves faced by the world, there must be many aspects which show us the light of hope and positivity for our home, earth. Yes, it is true that due to the lockdown, many industries have been bankrupt and facing intense losses. Still, their prior profits were based on the amount of destruction these industries bring to our environment.  United Nations and World Health Organization had spent billions of dollars for the cause of environmental protection and to save our nature from being destroyed by humankind, but we haven’t observed any improvement in our environment and nature, as you see, money can not decrease the global temperature, nor the extinct species can be saved from this.

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For the last three decays, our planet is facing severe threats from the pollution made by humankind, and of course, industries. What if this pandemic is a kind of resistance that is caused by nature to protect or heal itself? Well, it’s just a thought. So, what brighter side could be when people and governments are suffering economically? To see the impact of COVID-19 in a positive manner, we need to look around with the optimistic thought.

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Optimism in our thoughts in this critical situation doesn’t come around by itself, we have to look forward to it. The very positive impact this virus brings is that due to the fall of industries, we observe the rise in the healing of the Ozone layer. Because of being distant with people, we are closer to the people who really matter. Not only that, from many parts of the world, but it is also witnessed that many mountains and hills are now clearly visible from a significant distance due to less pollution. No one can even imagine before 2020, that they could see the peaks of beautiful mountains of Kashmir from Islamabad. No one can even thought before 2020, that the dolphins will come to the shores of Mumbai. Who thought that the atomic missiles could not save us from the minor virus which we can not even see. But now we realize that soldiers are less needed than doctors, war tanks are less needed than ventilators, generosity is much needed than being rich.

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No one can deny that the people are suffering a lot due to COVID-19, especially daily wagers, precautions are being taken which are much needed, but this may increase the mental disturbance caused by the pandemic. It is been months since the first case of Corona Virus arose, but no guaranteed cure is found yet. After all these hurdles faced by the people, it is the time to take necessary precautions to avoid being affected by the virus while looking to the brighter side of the coin, which says that the ‘NATURE IS HEALING’!

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